Business Codes


This book is conceptualised on a movie called The Matrix (1999). The movie is about humans being overthrown by their own creation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. This technology eventually places humanity in a never-ending sleep, putting their conscious in a virtual reality world which they think is real.

This created reality is then referred to as “The Matrix” While asleep, the human bodies – which can generate more bio-electricity than a 20- volt battery – are used as the AI’s main power source; essentially making the humans self-generating batteries. In the modern world, I believe the matrix does exist. Metaphorically speaking, the role of AI today could be represented as our smartphones, and the matrix as social media.


This book comes at a crucial time for South Africa, with its public sector collapsing, its private sector being exclusive, the resulting effects of high employment rates (especially of the youth), more people graduating then not getting employed, more people creating business ventures with no knowledge on how to develop their businesses further. And, ultimately, the remaining majority of people who are either employed with a burden of debt, or unemployed and on the brink of poverty - like a large portion of the country’s population. Business Codes: Decoded is about unlocking the new and existing potential that both entrepreneurship and employment still have - based on facts, experience, and reality. It is a two-in-one book with entrepreneurship represented as the "red pill" and employment represented as the "blue pill" as in the movie. The book aims to try to find balance between the two.

The path of either entrepreneurship or employment, the advantages and implications of each, and the valuable knowledge that lies on either path. Essentially, the reader will come to understand what it takes to thrive in each sector, and the obstacles which will pose a challenge towards a chance success. With insight from seasoned entrepreneurs and employees, research based on the economic landscape of South Africa, and anecdotes providing financial guidance; Business Codes: Decoded hopes to help navigate you towards your aspirations of business and financial freedom. Business Codes is a book so abstract it has interludes that diverts from business or employment to discuss matters deeper than business such as mental slavery, psuedo celebration and etc in summary.

This book is written in the most simple english to reach out to all four corners of South Africa and the world. from the high school learner who's does not know what to persue after high school, to the college student, the interlects and self driven individuals who are comtemplating to start a business

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Sifiso Fakude was born on July 20th 1993. Raised in Wattville - located in the East of Johannesburg, South Africa - he was fathered by Seth Bongeni Fakude and mothered by Velaphi Charlotte Fakude.

After completing his matric at Liverpool Secondary School, he proceeded to study architectural design at Inscape Design College.

At the age of 26, he is the proud founder and owner of two companies; and currently working on establishing his third. "The journey as an entrepreneur is not easy, but every time I feel like giving up there’s a reminder of who I descend from. Having to have founded my first company at 19 years old after completing my certicate in architectural design named the company S.F Architectural Designs ( and founded my second company which is a construction company Levels Higher Contractors and Associates at the age of 24."


Living in the new democratic South Africa, the struggle against apartheid is over, but the so-called ‘born frees’ are faced with a new struggle of unemployment and economic freedom. With the high rate of unemployment, the highest it’s ever been, this book focuses on entrepreneurship represented as the Red Pill, and employment represented as the Blue Pill. The truth is that we all can never be CEOs and managing directors of big corporations. Hence, it is important to know your capabilities and know the untold truth about entrepreneurship and employment.


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